Erasmus + in den Niederlanden

Mit dem Smartphone unterwegs in Gdańsk und Maasland!

Erasmus+:  Mit dem Smartphone unterwegs in Gdańsk und Maasland

SmartYou! erwartet wieder Gäste.

Vom 13. bis 19. November erwarten wir wieder Gäste im Rahmen unseres Projektes SmartYou!

Eine knappe Woche lang wollen wir zusammen auf Englisch am Thema „Smartphone“ arbeiten.  Diesmal stehen Ressourcen, Recycling und Umweltaspekte im Mittelpunkt.  Besuche bei Vodafone, der Verbraucherzentrale und Ausflüge stehen auf dem Programm.

Wir freuen uns auf die SchülerInnen und LehrerInnen aus Maasland (NL) und Gdansk (PL), mit denen wir nun schon seit über einem Jahr zusammenarbeiten.

Ein kleiner Rückblick auf unser Treffen in Maasland von unserer KolleginAydan Karatas:

SmartYou! Meeting in the Netherlands

After the first exchange meeting with students in Poland in March the moment was finally there, the second exchange with students which took place in the Netherlands from the 22th of May until the 28thof May. A week full of activities and workshops about the technology and the marketing of smartphones.

Cubic-Haus ind Rotterdam

On the first day of the project meeting, all the activities took place in and around the school in Maasland. During this day the students informed each other of the activities which had taken place in their own countries using powerpoint presentations. The knowledge of the students was tested using Kahoot.  They also exchanged their experiences with each other about the 3 days that they had spent without a mobile phone, they read each other's student diaries and looked at Memes which showed how students felt during this activity.  In the afternoon the students went home to spend time with the hosting families.

On Friday the 24thof May the students enjoyed a work shop at Digital playground in Rotterdam. During this workshop the students learned how to make an animation commercial with stop motion. Results of this workshop can be found on the site of Digital playground.  After the workshop we went for a walk around the city seeing highlights like the Erasmus bridge, Markethall and the cubic houses . After this walk the students were free to explore the rest of the city themselves.

During the weekend , 25thand 26 of May , the pupils spent time with the families. They got a real taste of Dutch way of life. Some students had made arrangements to do things together like going to the Efteling themepark, Amsterdam, the Hague and Rotterdam. There was also students who went on a camping trip with the scouting.  From the stories which we heard on Monday we came to the conclusion that they all enjoyed themselves.

Monday the 27th of May we spent in Delft. In the morning we had a city game. The students and the teachers were divided in four groups. Each group started at a different

Workshop in Delft

point and the students had to send a picture to prove that they were there and answer a question before they received the next location. After the lunchbreak the students were treated to ice-cream. In the afternoon we went to the Science center where we had a workshop where the students had to develop an application for a smart phone. They were divided in groups and each group had to choose a profession for which they had to develop an useful application.  The idea which won, was the cooking glasses, which was developed by a group of German girls. They had developed it so that someone who was cooking could see the recipe inside the glasses and did not have to touch the mobile phone to read the recipe. This way was more hygienic . In the evening we had a farewell party for the students, parents and teachers. It was a nice get together to say goodbye to each other. The students had prepared nice things to eat and had a good time.

We’re all looking forward to the next and unfortunately the last meeting in Düsseldorf in November!